Church Groups

Welcome to our Congregations here at St Columba’s, Carrbridge and Kincardine.

In addition to our regular Sunday Worship we also jointly and individually support a number of groups.


The Guilds

Both Boat of Garten and Carrbridge run their individual Guilds.  

The Main purpose of the Guild is to raise awareness of The Church of Scotland Guild, its activities and current concerns of its members. This is an opportunity to meet together in faith with common purpose, and enjoy fellowship.

The two guilds meet on the 2nd Monday and Ist Wednesday of the month from October to March respectively and offer their members a wide range of activities including talks, outings and meals.

Both Guilds are particularly active in the pastoral/ outreach work of the congregations  – providing  soup lunches for all-comers in both winter and summer. Both Guilds are famous for their Strawberry Teas and similar during which funds are raised for general good causes such as Christian Aid and the Red Cross as well as the Church of Scotland Guild’s own specific projects.

Singing Groups

Both Churches have singing groups which are open to anyone and have the declared aim of Not being a choir but a group of singers who practise existing hymns and learn new ones so as to be able support their congregation’s praise.


Home Groups

These take place either in the Manse or in private homes and concentrate on Bible Studies or other specific themes  – particularly during, for example, Lent.